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Panda X3 Gymnastic Grips 3-hole
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - side profile view
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - back view
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - worn on hand
Panda X3 Gymnastic Grips 3-hole
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - side profile view
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - back view
Panda X3 Gymnastic Hand Grips 3-hole - worn on hand

Panda X3 Gymnastic Grips 3-hole

Panda X3 3-hole

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Durability and Precision for High-Volume Training

Embrace the resilience and precision with the Panda 3-Hole Gymnastic Grips. These grips are crafted from 2mm highly durable, heavy-duty Panda microfibre, known for its stiffness and non-stretch, non-compressing qualities. Tailored for athletes engaging in high-volume training, these grips offer maximum durability and protection, making them ideal for heavier athletes or those who demand the most robust equipment.

Designed for Dowel Effect and Versatility

The 3-finger hole design is engineered to facilitate the use of a dowel, enhancing grip strength and reducing hand fatigue during long training sessions. This feature, combined with the use of chalk, ensures that the Panda 3-Hole Grips excel on any type of pull-up bar, whether bare steel or powder-coated.

Optimal Protection for Serious Athletes

These grips are for athletes who prioritise hand safety and seek a reliable, long-lasting solution for their rigorous workouts. The Panda 3-Hole Gymnastic Grips stand out as the go-to option for those who require a blend of top-tier protection and a solid, dependable grip.

Gymnastic grips made of microfiber, such as the BumbleBee, Panda, and Panda Soft models, need chalk to initiate the breaking-in process and enhance their grip on surfaces. The outer layer's fibers require roughening with chalk and friction. For initial use, we suggest lightly spraying water and applying chalk. Grip a bar and create friction with the grips, rotating your wrists a few times to gauge the grip. Repeat this procedure until you achieve a comfortable level of grip with your gymnastic grips.

Be sure to check-out our complete guide on how to get the best out of your grips, sizing and wear & care instructions - Grips Wear & Care

Grips Size Guide

Your "hand measure" is the total distance between the base of your middle finger and the top crease of your wrist. Use the table below to properly size your grips.
*always size up if in between sizes
Size Guide
Hand Measure (cm) Hand Measure (inches) Recommended Size
-8 3.1 Small
8 - 9.5 3.1 - 3.7 Medium
9.5 - 11 3.7 - 4.3 Large
11+ 4.3+ Extra Large

Designed to last

Our most durable training grips




Single layer microfibre non-stretch material. Panda™ is the most durable material out of the entire range and is designed for high demand workouts and athletes. Perfect material for day to day training. Pairs well with chalk for all types of bars and surfaces.

Ideal for higher level athletes and high volume work.

Design & Style


All of our 3-hole and 2-hole grips are designed to be worn on the tips of the fingers to create the best dowel (fold over) possible and protect not just your palm but your fingers as well. Finger-hole grips provide versatility of use for different types of exercises and equipment used such as bars, rings, barbells and kettlebells. Finger-hole grips are best for athletes who prefer thumb-under bar grips or athletes new to functional fitness exercises and grips in general 

Customer Reviews

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Zeno Colombara

Spessore del paracallo perfetto, a chi piace sentire la barra, ma avere un ottima protezione questo guantino fa al caso tuo. Grip pazzesco.
Il mio nuovo paracallo preferito

Paulo Frleta

Fast delivery, best gear and always reliable.

1. Proper Use: Reyllen gymnastic grips are intended for use by individuals engaged in functional fitness, gymnastics, and cross-training activities. They should only be used as intended and in accordance with proper exercise techniques.

2. Inspect Before Use: Before each use, inspect the gymnastic grips for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Discontinue use if any damage is observed, as it may compromise the effectiveness of the grips and increase the risk of injury.

3. Fit and Adjustment: Ensure that the gymnastic grips are properly fitted to your hands and adjusted securely to provide optimal support and protection during exercises. Improperly fitted or adjusted grips may lead to accidents or injuries.

4. Supervision and Training: Use Reyllen gymnastic grips under the supervision of a qualified instructor or coach, especially if you are new to gymnastics or cross-training exercises. Proper training and technique are essential for safe and effective use of the grips.

Users of Reyllen gymnastic grips understand and acknowledge that participation in functional fitness, gymnastics, and cross-training activities carries inherent risks of injury. Exercise caution, follow safety guidelines, and use common sense to minimize the risk of injury while using Reyllen gymnastic grips.

If you do not agree with these terms, do not use Reyllen gymnastic grips.

Reyllen gymnastic grips are designed for use in functional fitness, gymnastics, and cross-training activities. They are intended to provide support and protection to the hands during exercises involving bars, rings, and other gymnastics equipment.

Reyllen, as the manufacturer and seller of Reyllen brand gymnastic grips, does not assume any liability for injuries, accidents, or damages that may occur during the use of the grips. Users of Reyllen gymnastic grips accept full responsibility for their own safety and well-being while using the product.

By using Reyllen gymnastic grips, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with functional fitness, gymnastics, and cross-training activities. Reyllen shall not be liable for any injuries, damages, or losses arising from the use or misuse of Reyllen gymnastic grips.