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FLEXTape - EAB Thumb Tape
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape profile image
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape black
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape white
FLEXTape - EAB Thumb Tape
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape profile image
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape black
Reyllen Weightlifting thumb tape white

FLEXTape - EAB Thumb Tape

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Color White
Pack 1 roll

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Advanced Stretchable Fabric for Hook Grip Support

Introducing FLEXTape, the essential thumb tape designed specifically for weightlifters and athletes using hook grip. Our innovative tape is crafted from a highly stretchable fabric that offers both flexibility and durability, providing a balance between movement and support. With FLEXTape, experience the freedom to lift with confidence, knowing your thumbs are protected.

Convenient Application and Superior Adhesion

Forget about reaching for scissors every time. FLEXTape's user-friendly design allows for easy application and tear-off by hand, streamlining your training sessions. Each 5-meter roll is engineered to last, offering approximately 20 applications.

Elasticity for Performance and Comfort

Unlike rigid tapes such as zinc oxide, FLEXTape's unique elasticity promotes full thumb movement and dexterity. Its superior stretch accommodates the natural movements of your thumb, ensuring you don't sacrifice comfort for protection.

Designed for Enhanced Grip and Reduced Thumb Stress

FLEXTape is meticulously designed to enhance the hook grip, maximizing friction and reducing stress on your thumbs. This allows for a stronger, more secure grip, which is crucial for improving your lifting performance and preventing injuries.

Extra Sticky and Residue-Free

The adhesive used in FLEXTape is extra sticky, ensuring that the tape stays in place throughout even the most intense training sessions. It adheres securely to your skin without slipping, yet it's gentle enough to leave no residue once removed.

Porous Material for Breathability and Sweat Resistance

Crafted with porous and sweat-resistant material, FLEXTape stands up to the challenge of the sweatiest workouts. The breathable fabric ensures that moisture doesn't compromise your grip, keeping your focus solely on your performance.

FLEXTape is the smart choice for athletes dedicated to their craft, combining convenience, comfort, and superior performance in one essential product. Whether you're training for personal goals or competitive achievements, FLEXTape is your partner in lifting heavier, safer, and more effectively.

Ultra strong & Extra Sticky

Lock in the hook grip and lift with confidence. Durable, flexible and extra strong!




Cotton/Spandex material that stretches up to 170% of its original length. Adhesive and hand tearable for ease of use. Textured design makes FLEXTape perfect for taping thumbs to increase hook grip friction and secure lock on the bar.


Why Tape?

Used by crossfitters, weightlifters, powerlifters and strongman, thumb tape plays an important role in preventing blisters and allowing maximum amount of friction on the bar. The thumb take the most amount of force in a hook grip. Using a thumb tape locks the thumb in the best position and allows the index and middle fingers to attach better to the tape around the thumb as well

Customer Reviews

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Tatu Tamminen
Great price/quality-ratio

My friends and I have been testing these, and they work extremely well. Stays on the thumb and good grip

Ricardo Coelhoso
5 stars

perfect tape


I have not received this order yet..